The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Darker Days, Stronger Bond

They say there are fifty shades of grey but there are countless shades of black.

And in between those shades are shadows that create beautiful definition, which you see through the cracks.
But here, enveloped in my hands, I hold a bright beacon of light.
The only thing that can't be consumed by darkness, this small minuscule amount of white.
You can feel the warmth of the light shine through, if only you take my hand.
I will clarify your blinded state, I will guide you, I will make you understand.
The twinkling stars seem to fade and blur as they effortlessly pass you by.
You stare into the darkness in confusion as you wonder why.
The darkness takes over your body and leaves you paralyzed.
It forces you to be lost in your own thoughts, and leaves you in a dark void as it freezes your mind.
You don't want to be here anymore, be stuck in this terrifying place.
You don't want to be forced to think this way, pushed towards the fears in which you must face.
Your cries for help seem useless as they blend in with the world around you.
You try to find a way out, but the black continues to surround you.
Suddenly, you see an interruption in the blackness, a little pinhole of white.
I shine as I come to save you from this tunnel, follow me to the end, I am the light.
I will rescue you from your darkest fears.
I have come to wipe away your shady tears.
We burst out of the darkness into a place where black and grey contrast perfectly together.
We stay here happily because we're just the same; two opposites intertwined that refuse to tether.
Like the forces of dark and light, we join to create something extraordinary.
I'll show you the way and you'll provide me with guidance as well, and your heart I will always carry.
I'll hold it up to the shaded sky, like the moon gleaming in the night.
And even though it may seem dark at times, I'll always keep you in sight.
As long as you keep hold of my hand, we'll make it through in the end.
We'll break dawn together and discover a light so pure, come out stronger, as lovers and as friends.

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