The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Little Hopeful Tree

He climbs and climbs up so high, but still is ever smaller.

This little tree has met his match, he can't grow any taller.

And as the seasons come and go, his branches aren't any longer.

In comparison to the luscious trees that surround him,

he can't seem to get any stronger.

The pollution in the air, he breathes it in it's all around him.

It breaks him down and makes him small again,

the little tree decides to give up hope then.

And as he dies and fades away,

the little tree's life is now nothing more than decay.

Suddenly a little seedling drifted by,

just riding a breeze that filled the sky.

It saw the spot where the little tree once thrived,

and figured out that he had lost his life.

So it was there that it decided to settle down,

for it was the perfect place that he had just found.

That little seed tried so hard to grow,

no matter how much the wind would blow.

He was very happy once he was as tall as his neighbour,

and out of all the other trees he was the one that everyone favoured.

And soon enough he was taller than all the rest,

he replaced the first sad little tree and was now the best.

Now as the seasons come and go,

the tree no longer feels any woe.

For he is the highest tree in the forest,

and he put the other little tree to a final, peaceful rest.

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