The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Numbed Unconscious

When you stand up and your head starts to ache.

Legs feeling numb as your body sways.
Your heart thuds heavily in your chest.
Your brain curses you for its lack of rest.
A nauseous wave hits the pit of your stomach.
Getting up is like climbing a mountain; a treacherous summit.
Your consciousness tries to put up a fight.
But like a domesticated dog, its bark doesn't match its bite.
Who would've thought waking up could be such a chore?
But when there's nothing worth waking up to, your body just craves sleep more.
Maybe I'll choose to lie down again instead.

Maybe I'll fall asleep in resignation as soon as I hit the pillow on my bed.
When there's nothing waiting for you with the rise of the sun, the next best thing becomes sleep.
And what's even better than this all together is waking up in a dream.

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