The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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The Ominous Trust Fall

Look at me; I'm funny, but I myself am a joke.

Funny as when I try to get out the right words and choke.
Choke on these same words when all I want is someone to say them to.
But that'll never happen, neither will anything with you.
Truth is I'm clumsy, like these words I stumble on, I fall all the time.
But what's worse than scrapes and bruises, is that I always fall for your kind.
Not only do I lack equilibrium, but the amount of popularity I lack is the same.
I'm a broken puzzle piece, trying to fit into the wrong game.
Who am I kidding? You would never trust fall for me!
You have trust issues to begin with, but I do too, don't you see?
But it's not like you'd ever notice that, or note my existence since we're not on the same level.
Your popularity's high, and for my low, you would never dare to settle.
It would reflect badly on you to take a chance with me.
I'm just another bad luck-ridden, broken mirror, lying among the debris.
I'm a repetitive glitch; one of those same girls who you find clingy and all too caring.
I am my own nightmare because I live my dreams every day, so real I can hardly gather my bearings.
Like a bad dream where I'm endlessly falling, I live it all the time.
A heart acting as a bungee cord clutched in your hand, anchoring my flying body, you hold mine.
During my seemingly endless spiral, realization hits me on the way down:
I'm never going to reach a conclusion, I'm never going to have the comfort of landing on solid ground!
But being as hypocritical as you insist on being, a dilemma still persists;
If I'm just another teenaged cliché, then you also are in your own way, so what's there to resist?
The resistance is the trust that I share with no one; that same resistance that keeps pulling my bungee cord-bound body back to my anchor heart.
As soon as my head thinks I've learned my lesson, my heart pushes the button that sends me falling again to restart.
No, I don't understand the motive, but I think it's got something to do with the longing for love.
I wish my heart would listen to the scientific facts of my head, but we all know their relationship is just a vicious circle of push and shove.
A prime example of an abusive relationship, one we are so often taught not to get ourselves into.
It's a funny coincidence how that exact thing constantly goes on inside of us, and there's nothing we can do.
But I guess there's always at least one thing we should learn to trust;
That feeling in the pit of your stomach, we can always rely on our gut.
So maybe next time when my heart and head disagree, I'll know to rely on that.
And that's when I will finally learn my lesson: Never fall too fast.

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