The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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I stare into your eyes, blue like the sea.

I don't mind getting lost as long as you're with me.
Through them, I witness the beauty of your soul.
Innocently sweet, making my heart feel whole.
Emotions stir inside, waking from a deep sleep.
I could lay silently with you for hours, and not make a peep.

Yes, I feel you getting under my skin.
It's like a first kiss all over again.

A smile so contagious, a laugh like a song.
Convincing, so I know that what I'm feeling can't be wrong.
My breath begins to hitch as my heart skips a beat.
A worthy opponent, I may be forced to admit defeat.
A proud facade, I may act tough, but I mean no harm.
Truly all I crave for is the comfort of your arms.

This battle I fear I won't win.
It's like a first kiss all over again.

Dreading our fate, the inevitable depart;
Knowing that when you're gone, I'll have a heavy heart.
I try to tell myself that you can't possibly stay.
But it's hard to watch you leave when I wish we could play all day.
When night falls is the time you're really missed.
And all I can think about is what it would feel like to have that first kiss.

Sweet like sugar but sour like gin.
It's like a first kiss all over again.

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