The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Hey, blue eyes, what're you thinking about?

Wish I could read your mind, but I don't know how.
Hey, blue eyes, what do you see?
That pair of brown eyes staring back at you is me.
Hey, blue eyes, what's your opinion on love?
Does it give you butterflies like me at the very idea of?
Hey, blue eyes, as blue as the sky.
I get so easily consumed in them as I wonder why..
Hey, blue eyes, why'd you pick me?
I could drown in the sheer luck, like a ship swallowed by a wave at sea.
Hey, blue eyes, let's get lost.
Because love is priceless, there is no cost.
Hey, blue eyes, let's set sail.
On an adventure; we'll make a memorable tale.
Hey, blue eyes, whose black middles diminish.
Likewise, my darkest hours disappear, the lonely times are finished.
Hey, blue eyes; I can't change what you see.
But what won't change are those madly-in-love-with-you brown eyes, because they belong to me.

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