The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Adolescent Incandescence

Oh love, young love, so confusing and tough.

Especially when the people who tell you it's meant to be aren't enough.
Oh love, young love, the ones against us are few.
And although they are scarce, their cruel opinions seem true.
Oh love, young love, I will do my best to ignore.
The certainty I feel now will stay as strong as before.
Oh love, young love, they may try to tear us apart.
Though impossible because of the everlasting beat of my heart.
Oh love, young love, I will stay forever.
Or as long as you wish to keep me throughout your life's endeavor.
Oh love, young love, you are such a familiar face, that of a friend.
A friendly face in my dreams, that I cannot wait to see again.
Oh love, young love, it's a hard, rocky road ahead.
But soon it will be worth it, once we hit the smooth pavement instead.
Oh love, young love, you provide me with a concrete foundation.
One to fall back on, when I'm in need of salvation.
Oh love, young love, who has strong arms and a strong hold.
You grasp my heart ever so gracefully with soft hands, and strong arms protect me from the cold.
Oh love, young love, say you'll always stay.
A paradise place for us is only a daydream away.
Oh love, young love, who makes almost unachievable plans.
I admire your imagination; you make me believe that we can.
Oh love, young love, I could never love anyone more.
And if you let me, I'll forever and always be yours.

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