The Life in Rhymes of an Angsty Teenager

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Lost Meaning

I thought you thought it meant something, when you did to me what you did.

I thought you thought I was special; you got my hopes up like a little kid.

And yet you wonder why I won't leave you alone, I guess you don't remember asking me out.

But now it's like you don't want to see me again, and everything you say I doubt.

My heart is tired and worn down from constantly being torn apart.

You tell me you're interested in me now, but I was interested in you from the start.

You say that you do like me a bit at the very least, but I find it so hard to believe.

When there are girls falling all around you, why in the world would you pick me?

Left, right, and center others are begging at your feet.

That you will choose them in the end, so I might as well admit defeat.

I don't stand a chance anyways, so why bother wasting my time?

I've dreamed for weeks now and hoped and prayed that somehow you'd soon be mine.

But I think that I should give up just like I usually do.

Maybe I should face the truth that I'm just not meant for you.

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