Depressed Souls.

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Your life is a sandcastle
It is hard to build
But easy to ruin
Next to the shore you build her.

Everytime, you take a step
The waves wash her away.
No matter how hard you try
The waves show their will.

And so, you move away from the shore,
With a bucket of water you leave.
Build the castle halfway through,
Now, your bucket’s empty.

You don’t want to go near the shore,
Too afraid that something might
Happen to your fragile sandcastle.
So, you wait till high tide.

When the water’s close enough
You fill your bucket.
But there’s more sand than water,
You don’t give up and add more layers to her.

And once again the waters show their will.
You try again
Way father away
From the shore.

And again you run out of water.
Not at all willing to leave the spot
And not knowing what else to do
You start crying, your tears soaked by the sand
Gave you hope, hope to move on.
As you cry, your castle gets build.

Those notorious waters aren’t just waters.
They’re the ones who you loved and kept close,
You never knew that they were holding you down
Not at all loving you....

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