Depressed Souls.

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I sat underneath the tree’s shade.
I let my worries fade.
All those mistakes that I’ve made
Can’t make me hate
All of the things that has made
Me who I am today.

I sat underneath the tree’s shade.
The mistakes that I’ve made
Has definitely forbade
Me from doing what I’ve said.
If life gives you lemons,
They say, make lemonade.

And I took those lemons
From the tree of demons.
The tree that gave me shade
Also made me hate
Everything that has made
Me who I am today.

But I am still underneath the shade.
Will I ever make the lemonade?
I guess not.
I’ll reserve them, add both
Spices and extra salt
And turn them into pickle.

Cause there’s no fun in life
If there’s no spice.
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