Depressed Souls.

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I love candies.
Even at birthday parties,
I search for them only.

People ask me
Why I behave like a baby.
They don’t know any
About my childhood.

I’ve been abused
Both physically and emotionally.
This body doesn’t belong to any,
Just to a young five year old baby.

I lost my childhood,
Constantly being abused
Both physically and emotionally,
Man, I’ve been a victim.

Fuck it, I was born like that.
God decided that pain was my man.
Helping me survive the nest of sins
As if my life’s worth nothing.

No, I know how to talk to people
But not that fluently though.
Wake up and feel myself on needles
But I’ll recover painfully though.

I love candies cause they don’t judge me.
I’ve been a candy, being judge for the body.
I just love candies, they don’t judge me.
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