Depressed Souls.

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Sweet child O mine.
I’m sorry, I couldn’t protect you all this while.
I’m sorry, I let you suffer and whine.
You should have been able to shine.

I’m sorry, my younger self.
I’m sorry, I wasn’t there to help.
I’m sorry, I let your eyes melt.
I’m sorry for everything you’ve felt.

You were a gift of heaven; a child,
Someone of innocence; mild.
Someone of wonder; wild.
Someone with a future; an adventurous ride.

You shouldn’t have gone through all this
But I let you suffer for the sins.
The sins of being in this body
That has a soul but is dying.

I’m sorry for not being there
When you muffled your cries
So that no one could hear
And as those tears slipped,
They started coming to the surface; your fears.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t there
When you locked yourself in the room
And hoped that God might give a shit
But one slip of a tear
Was all it took that he doesn’t care.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry
That you have to be in this body.
The body that was your holy shrine
But I let it get damaged in the grime.
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