Depressed Souls.

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If God wanted us to be His children
Then why did He not warn us about religion?
Why would He want us to be His children
When we can’t even follow His Religion?

He never warned us about oppression.
He never wanted us to use Him for suppression.
He never told us to use Him against His own children.
He never believed in religion.

Why should I be suppressed for having a vagina?
Why should the men tell me what I should wear?
Why should anybody tell me what I should look like?
Why should religion exist in the first place?

Did it trigger you when I said that I don’t believe in religion?
Oh, I’m sorry, my bad for saying something you don’t agree on.
Funny how you all behave religious after committing all the sins
And then when you get old, you tell me that I am a sin.

I mean, sinners would recognize sins better.
Right? Or do they see it as they are The Sins?
Engaging yourselves with these people
Will earn you more sins than not following religion.

So, all I’ll say is that
Respect my decisions on life
Even though, I’m just eighteen.
If not, suck my clit.

A/N: To those people who follow religion without telling others to do so, I love you. And the rest who don’t, you can kindly suck my clit as there is a lot of blessings down there🥰😻
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