Depressed Souls.

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I wasn’t asked to be born.
I wasn’t asked to be given a life
But you did as you’re too stubborn
And you wanted to fuck your wife.

I was only a child, still am.
Is my worth determined by
How useful I am
In the activities of the house?

Yes, I know that I stay in the room
Even if it is three hours past noon.
How the hell do you expect me to
Respect you when you
Don’t even consider me as your child?

I keep plucking the petals
Thinking it would give me an answer
As to why you’re so egotistic and feral
But still never got the answer
Even if the petals have long been plucked from the flower.

Around you, dad, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells.
You never give up on your ego as you think of your kids so little.
Like the atoms that comprises of everything we use—
We think so little of them, heck, we don’t even think about them.

You treated us like a responsibility, which we are— ironically,
But you never treated us like your kids, which we are— biologically.
You think so little of us, so little that even my dirty clothes think more of me.
You think so highly of yourself, so high that you forgot you had kids.

Thank you so much Dad, because of you I have trust issues.
Thank you so much Father, because of you I have commitment issues.
Thank you so much Bappa, because of you I hate my life.
Thank you so much Pappa, because of you I tried to end my life.

You’re so much more than my dad,
You’re my biggest bully, I’ve ever had.
You’re so much more than a responsible dad,
You’re the one who disowned your own kids; a biological father would do just that.
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