Depressed Souls.

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Black Hole.

These emotions drain the life out of me.
They constantly keep telling me sinister things.
“Manipulate them, use them for your need.
See those happy people? Make their eyes sting”

I try my best to refrain from such actions.
But in the end, they always burn my soul.
So deprived of attention or affection,
These emotions trap me in like a Black Hole.

Burning the very essence of Human in me,
They know what I am capable of.
Evaporating every presence of empathy,
They know that I can’t cut them off.

It’s so dark and musty in there.
So hot and stingy in there.
Burning my skin, then my soul.
Touching the very notorious emotions,
They make me go insane.

“I don’t want to harm them.
They’re not the ones who harmed me.
I don’t want to emotionally scar them.
They don’t even know anything about me.”

“Who cares if they didn’t?
It will satisfy me.
I don’t care about them but just me.
I want to suck their happiness in me.”
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