Depressed Souls.

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I saw children Merry across the playground,
Seesaws going up and down.
I saw how happy they were;
No care of the world awaiting for them.

If only I could go and drag my younger self
And tell her that she has to be strong,
Maybe I wouldn’t have so much on myself,
Maybe I wouldn’t have done so much wrong.

If time did replay backwards
With us knowing that it is,
How wise can all of us be?
How much déjà-vous would we receive?

Will we go up the slide
Into a much levitated land
Of so much manic and smiles
Or will we go back to the SadLands?

So much sadness.
Too much to consume.
Not even a speck of happiness.
Too much of the colour blue.

And here again, we come back
To the land of nothing but grieve;
The SadLands.
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