Depressed Souls.

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Not Optimistic But Hopeful.

“Are you optimistic?”
Well, I’ll say is that
I am hopeful and not optimistic.
“Is there a difference between them?”

Yes, there is actually.
Being depressed ever since a child
Has taught me great lessons on vulnerability.
There is a difference between these but it’s mild.

Being optimistic had me broken.
It made me have high hopes and expectations
Only to have it broken into pieces at the end
And never to hope for anything from depression.

Being hopeful made less anxious.
It reassured me that I’ll be fine.
It made my expectations less luxurious.
It gave me more time.

Optimism is like a sports coach.
It keeps telling you come out of depression or
That you don’t have time;
There’s always a rush to it.

Hopefulness is like a loving mother.
It tells you to come out of depression, yes!
But it tells you go at your pace,
Tells you that it’s your life and that you have all the time in the world.

And honestly, I know that they’re almost the same
But being depressed for a long has taught me lessons.
I can find narrow differences between emotions.
I can find it but I rather don’t have words to describe it.
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