Depressed Souls.

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Man when I look at her,
It feels like my world gets brighter.
Those dimples on her cheeks
Are like the softest looking
Beanbags I’ve ever seen.

The Indian dimple next to her left eye,
God! That makes me wonder whether
God himself created it just for her.
It looks like He definitely did just for her.

Those eyelashes can sweep dust from the floor.
Those lips can bring life to eyes that are sore.
That nose deviating to the left makes me wonder
Whether she’s any different from the others.

She made me realise that I don’t have to always try hard.
I have to take time and let myself grow.
That I have to treat others how I want them to treat me.
That I have to treat myself how I want others to treat me.
But she also said,

“Give everyone the respect they deserve but if they
Don’t give it back to you, don’t give much back to them.
Even if you get disrespected by them, you have to be civilised
Enough to be a human but at the same time, know your worth.”

Being around her is like a warm hug from the back;
Surprises awaits you but warmth comes along.
When she grins, her Indian dimple greets me back.
When she smiles, her cheeky dimples say “hello”.
Late nights when she can’t sleep,
She puts a pillow behind her back.
She said that it makes her feel safer
As it feels like there’s someone hugging her.

A/N: guys if you do read this and is an author or not. I recommend writing a poem about yourself in another person’s POV. Like here I did a poem in another’s POV. This is how I want them and MYSELF to be like in the future.
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