Depressed Souls.

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There’s a difference between me and you.
The only difference that sets us apart.
The only way I am different from you.
The only thing that differs between our hearts.

You find being alone lonely.
I find being alone happy.
You are afraid that no one will be there.
I am happy that no one will be near.

You need a distraction to maintain
Your sanity before it goes to hell.
I need silence to obtain
That control on myself.

You’re alone and you feel lonely.
I am alone but I have the silence
And the loneliness to greet me,
To be my friend, to be my alliance.

When I’m alone, I can satisfy my needs
And set my goals and my priorities.
No one to distract me from my thoughts
As I try to untangled my mind’s chords.

Seeing myself in the undisturbed waters,
I won’t have anyone ruining my peace.
No one to cause rapids in my rivers
As I let my thoughts run free.

But you’re so disturbed and hinged
By the mere thought of being alone
That you’re ready to be with snakes unhinged,
And judge me for being on my own.
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