A Poetry Collection: Imagining the Best Day of My Life

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I Fall in Love with You | Foundations

Part One: I Fall in Love with You

Your eyes you know I love,
But, I’ll remind you over and over.
How they sparkle when you look at me.
With each look: I fall in love with you.

Your smile is equally as beautiful;
The way your pearl white teeth shine.
How they pierce my gentle lips.
With each grin: I fall in love with you.

Your hair is a magnificent colour,
One of which I could only dream of painting -
How unique a shade and texture.
With each strand: I fall in love with you.

Your arms are perfectly sculptured
To hold me close and warm.
How I feel so safe and protected inside of them.
With each grasp: I fall in love with you.

Your lips are so tremendously soft
With each touch you bless me with.
How I crave it even when your present.
With each kiss: I fall in love with you.

Your skin is so wonderfully smooth
The sensational feeling of each contact.
How you caress every part of me.
With each touch: I fall in love with you.

I could write for days
About you and your appearance.
But your personality is impeccable too:
With each quality: I fall in love with you.

The way you laugh and joke with me.
The way you push my hair from my face.
The heart you carry that I claim as mine.
With each beat: I fall in love with you.

I never thought there could be someone so great.
I never thought there could be someone so perfect.
I never thought there could be someone so much like my dreams.
With each time you prove me wrong: I fall in love with you.

The way I think of you:
No one else could possibly do so.
For unless they see through my eyes,
They will never know
How much a girl like me is so hopelessly in love with you.

Part Two: Foundations

I’m pathetic I know
For how do I justify the love I hold in words?
But words can’t do as such
How words only build the foundations.

And I couldn’t write a paragraph,
I couldn’t write a page.
I couldn’t write a chapter.
How a story would only be foundations.

I couldn’t write a speech,
Nor a poem or a song.
I couldn’t speak the words.
How my voice wouldn’t hold the foundations.

Because there are far too many
Words and phrases.
None of which can establish the love I hold for you.
The love that goes beyond the foundations.

For every day I think of you,
Every day I find a new thing to love.
Every day I think I won’t find another.
But I keep going beyond the foundations.

I keep falling deeper in love.
I keep falling head over heels.
I keep loving every part of you.
I wish I could tell you more than the foundations.

I want to build a house
Above these foundations.
Every day it’s closer to completion.
Every day I add an extension.

I want to keep adding rooms.
I want more than a mansion.
I want us to explore each aspect.
I want to show you what I see beyond our foundations.

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