A Poetry Collection: Imagining the Best Day of My Life

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It’s like catching fire;
The burning of flames,
As the heat is exchanged
And never estranged.
The burn of the night,
The burn of delight,
With one.

It’s like cold ice;
The hidden guidance,
As the trapped sensation
Freezes with temptation.
The rush of belief.
The heart of a thief,
With one.

It’s like treading earth;
Finding the ground,
As life moulds its own clay,
With no hazardous delay.
The storm circling in,
The soft touch of skin,
With one.

It’s like a summer evening;
With the sun settling to rest,
As the world stops to see the beauty
Of a star under it’s empowering duty.
The cold breeze in the night,
The warmth finally taking flight.
With one.

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