A Poetry Collection: Imagining the Best Day of My Life

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Shivers Down My Spine

Your hands are on my waist,
Your lips gently brush across mine
And as I long for the taste,
A shiver runs down my spine.

My hand held in yours tight,
I don’t want to let go of you tonight.

Tears well in my eyes
And you wonder why.
My head still in the skies,
I don’t want to wish you goodbye.

I’m not a fool.
I know your not here.
How is the world so cruel
To never let you appear?

The truth is you’re miles from me
Hidden away so I can’t see
You in your glory.
I hope it’s not such a short story.

So as I imagine you with your hands on my waist,
Your lips gently brushing against mine,
I’ll always long for the taste,
Which will send shivers down my spine.

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