A Poetry Collection: Imagining the Best Day of My Life

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The Best Day of my Life

I remember how the veil fell over my face
As my dear best friends carried the colourful blossoming bunches in their hands.
How he met me at the end of the long wooden floor -
Which was scattered with petals of many beautiful colour.
How the audience sighed in careful awe when my dad left my side
How his eyes fell upon me as he lifted the veil.

His grey suit tailored well to match the pastel yellow of his tie.
His blue eyes sparkled under the gleaming light as he gazed into mine.
A strand of my hair fell
And I smiled with nervous laugh as everything was almost silent with my hands in his grasp.

Then that very ring;
That was one of the few things he chose,
Was slipped upon my finger and then was never removed.
His ring was so much less, but still beautiful to I,
A date engraved inside with a small message for him.
The words read ‘Forever & Always’.
Like the words from our blissful voices.

This I call the best day of my life
But, every day with you is better.
Every kiss I receive is even more of a blessing.

I couldn’t live without you.
I could never let you go.

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