A Poetry Collection: Imagining the Best Day of My Life

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Before I Go to Sleep

At night I lie awake
And only think of you.
You’d think my mind would want a break
From a thought I wish was true.

But I can’t justify an excuse
For every craving I hold
To know what you will choose;
A decision that is so bold.

Will you choose me or another
For a future I want to paint?
Will you stop me from my blither
With a kiss without constraint?

I imagine every touch
As though you were here.
But is that too much?
I hope you don’t disappear.

You say I’m special
But am I?
Am I really so essential
To such a handsome guy?

I crave the love that we could share.
Are we really made for each other?
To be in a relationship of which we both care
And no force to attract us thither.

I imagine the crystal blue of your eyes
And the soft touch of your skin,
As you uncover my guise
And reveal what I hide within.

I never thought I would say it,
Not so early in this connection we both keep.
But, I don’t want to up and quit
So, laying there, I whisper before I sleep:

“I love you”
Do you love me too?

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