A Poetry Collection: Imagining the Best Day of My Life

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How I'm Wired Up

It’s human nature to make one.
But, should one feel like they can’t be themselves?
Is that what the world has come to?

Few people in the world know what you’re really like.
Few people know what I’m like.

Those people you must trust.
Those people you must know.
Those people are some of the best you’ll ever meet.

It’s sensational
To meet someone that understands you,
That gets how you’re wired up.
But, it takes time to find them.

You’ll pass different people in your life.
The majority are not worth it.
The majority don’t care.

You have to be better.
You have to go through life with your head held high.
You have to be the one that avoids making a judgement.
You have to know how to understand people.

You have to be the best person.
You have to be the greatest person possible.
No one can be a better you than you.

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