Into the World of Poetry

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Her Severed Soul

Your eyes close as you give into the darkness

Letting go of the thin thread that tied you to consciousness

Falling for the trap that death had set you in

What a mighty soldier you have been

Oh how strong and happy you were

Benevolent eyes that I thought would sparkle forever

But that changed once we grew

Acquiring scars that was inflicted by others around you

You depended on drugs and liquor

Oh how you’d begged for more

‘to drown the demons, to numb the pain’

Till that wasn’t enough and you had scars again

Now as I stand in the sepulchre

With hands clenched and tears flowing free

I mournfully stared at the ground

Happy for the peace that you found

With a sad sigh I bid you farewell

‘we’ll meet again, only time will tell’

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