Living or Dying?

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Some people claim that we are living only to die. That we are dying the whole time we are living only to finally meet our end, or that life and death are physical. They are wrong.

Poetry / Drama
Damian Peters
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Living or Dying?

Living is the feeling of wanting to live. The time that you stared into your lover’s eye and wanted it never to end. When you bite into a sweet snack, the sugar hitting your salivary glands wetting your tongue and falling into your stomach as you close your eyes and say “mmm.” Living is conquering your demons. It is rising to the challenge. It is courage and bravery. It is risking life and limb for those you love out of the kindness of your heart. It is loving yourself.

Dying is the feeling of wanting to die. The ache and groan of getting 3 hours of sleep and having to work at a job where you are underpaid and no one appreciates you. The mountain of responsibility that suffocates you so bad you can’t get up in the morning. The dread of having to talk to other people knowing it hurts just to speak. The pain of losing your sanity day after day getting closer to the truth: that you are a bag of flesh and nothing else.

Life is the result of living, or wanting to live. We have life because we want it. We seek out life in all of it’s forms. Life carries on after physical death, living on in others. Life spreads from one human to another, affecting generations, genetic codes, and cultures. Life only exists because people are living.

Death is the result of dying, or wanting to die. We have death because living is no longer a want. Once a person has reached the end of dying, they have died, shedding all will for living, and thus losing their life. You do not have to physically die to be dead. Death is an illness, it is not a natural phenomena. Death is when those who are dying lose hope entirely, it exists solely because those who were alive decided to stop living.

There is no end. Death and Life are a continuity of human existence. You can bury someone, but you cannot stop their life from living in others. You can resurrect someone, but you cannot stop them from dying.

So are we dying to live, living to die, ultimately just dying or living on in others?

No, we choose to live or die for eternity.

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