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A short story entered into the Hope*Writers Writing Challenge that took place from May 10-16, 2021 on Instagram. The first version can be found on Instagram @ReneWilburCalleja, renecalleja011404, or #hopewriterlife. The picture was taken at Shore Acres State Park in Oregon.

Poetry / Other
Rene W Calleja
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I will prepare to refresh my writing life by getting to know people and finding who I’m writing for. I have thousands of ideas I want to write but before I transfer them to paper, I ask who needs to hear these words.

Over time, I’ve realized specific details and character personalities will attract certain people. I’m not saying I want to conform my stories to their liking. I just want to learn how to communicate my message to them. Like translating the work into a different language but the theme stays the same.

For example, I know two people who have opposite personalities. One of them is a straightforward and strategic thinker. The other is very talkative and has a creative imagination. If they watch a movie or read a book that doesn’t share their line of thinking, they tend to enjoy it less.

That’s why I also want to get to know people because everyone is different. Everyone has their own experiences and views. I enjoy listening to people’s perspectives and learn why people do what they do.

Writing is a way we can communicate not only how different people are but how to come together despite their differences. I will prepare to refresh my writing life by getting to know people and finding who I’m writing for.

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