Shattering Silence

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This is a poem about what silence does to us as humans, and how things around us suffer from our decisions. Please be kind when giving any feedback. I will be taking topic requests.

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Have you ever stopped to listen?

If so what do you hear?

When I stop to listen all hear is fear

Fear of what will happen

Fear of what has been done

Fear of our actions

That same fear that silences people

We see the horrors that we've created

But yet...

Its quiet

So very, very quiet

Its silent

This silence is shattering

Just as we have created

Girls being bullied for the way they look or act

Boys being bullied for not having the "ideal" interest or looks of a so-called man

But where did it start

When will it end

Who knows...

Who cares right?

That's where we all are wrong

"Its just a faze"

"They don't understand yet"

"They are confused"

"They will learn"

"They will grow out of it"


This is not a faze, this who I am


I am not ignorant, I understand just fine if not better


I am not confused, I know exactly what I am saying and doing


I am not confused in any way


I do not need to be retaught the things I already know


I will not grow out of who I am as a person

Why can't people be accepted?

Black, ,White, Hispanic, Italian...

Why does it matter so much

You are you

I am me

And then if we ar a lucky...

You and me become an "us"

People are afraid to speak out into the silence that is slowely shattering the "us"

The silence is shattering



Be the one to break that silence

Fill it with acceptance, peace, and knowledge

Don't be the one to shatter the "us"

Dont make the "us" a distant dream

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