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Divided Colors

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A poem entered into the Hope*Writers Writing Challenge that took place from May 10-16, 2021 on Instagram. The first version can be found on Instagram @ReneWilburCalleja, renecalleja011404, or #hopewriterlife.

Poetry / Other
Rene W Calleja
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Do you remember the road we once traveled? Side by side and allies were one were. Happy and joyful it was. Not a single worried blurred our sights. Then the shot was called and the war began. Equals against one another. Both were needed but one longed to be superior. This path we took was filled with our shrieks and quarrels.

Do you remember how much was lost? At first, we thought we were right but we only faded into existence. Enwrapped in our own desires we had forgotten our hidden enemy. This trail of ours was a trap. How blind we were when it was supposed to face this together.

Do you remember the fall? The death that pursued our destruction. The cliff that represented the end of our journeys. We were fools. I tell you. Fools!

I remember what came of our rivalry. Our true enemy used our differences against us and kept our eyes on trivial things. For a house divided against itself has no hope to stand.

I remembered we had little hope. Little to none but yet our father had compassion on us. Remember that day he raised us from the grave and gave us peace in this divided land. Our differences were mixed and the land was filled with beauty again. Just by one act of passion.

I remember and will never forget the battle we had both lost and the compassion that now connects our hearts. Though we were opposites, now we are whole by him.

I remember the cost from the lessons I’ve learned and I know you have, too. Don’t ever undermine the fiery darts of anger against one’s self or the shield of love that reminds us to forgive ourselves.
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