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The end of one journey is the beginning of another.

Poetry / Drama
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A pavement of a million footsteps.

First-time footfalls, heel to toe,

Innocent skips full of optimistic dreams,

Running strides like birds in flight,

Fervent skates towards ice-cream chimes,

Chasing shadows ever-growing and changing,

A returning glide with an ingrained compass,

Curious saunters and wayward souls,

Aimless wanders, destination unknown,

March in haste, a fixed target defined,

Lovers stroll with palm-locked hands,

Stumbling drunkenness awash with laughter,

Lonely paces loaded with regret,

Slow descents, halting and afraid,

Ambling crutches dragging with dismay,

Pause upon pause until forever still,

For all the moments you were free to explore,

The streets of your youth, your life, your existence,

A pavement of a million footsteps, unexplored.

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