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And so it begins,

Insipid openness and dreary dreams,

Forever bound by the worries than keep you awake.

A thorny hollow, ever-flowing swell,

A glassless prison with no door to shake.

And so it begins,

Limitless boundaries and unfilled thoughts,

Motionless in time, eternally faded and weak.

Encircling demons, rotting memories,

A breathless soul from which you cannot speak.

And so it begins,

Endless, blank loops and barren reflections,

Pervading black sorrows left to languish in the wind.

Vacant darkness, desolate, empty homes,

A presence of absence, senseless and skinned.

And so it begins,

Insufferable nothingness laid bare,

Oppressive stupor with no ability to cry.

Wandering ether, infinite demise,

Drifting death and yet unable to die.

And so it begins.

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