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Loveless Lover (Part 2: The Truth)

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“In being loveless, I became a better lover for me.” After pain, comes a variety of storms that can shackle you from believing that you can stand for yourself. Most often than not, you will find yourself lost in streams of forgotten identities and swim in the resentment of bitterness and loss. At this point, some may choose to not survive their own lives; however, know that the light will always be there to those who can put up a fair fight. In the second part of Loveless Lover, Cynthia begins to find herself lost in the path she once walked on. He had always been her light and now that he was gone, she stumbles into a million mountains that were seemingly difficult to climb. Along the way she had fought with a lot of people, but most of all, she fought her own individual battles. This book tells her own story of how she was able to move past the unforgiving waters life threw at her, and re-emerge as a better version of the word “lover.”

Poetry / Romance
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To everyone who is struggling
to preserve their light,

keep the faith.

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