A Lone Wolf's Poetry

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My First Day in Heaven

On the last day of my life,
I got to see my Lord.
He came to Earth once again for me;
He took me with him to Heaven.

Heaven was like a dreamland to me;
It took many years for me to reach there,
When I arrived there with Jesus,
I saw a thousand Angels by my side.

I saw the Almighty God on his throne.
He was judging my life on Earth.
He gave me rewards for my good deeds.
He scolded for my bad deeds.

My Jesus gave me a chance to meet my loved ones;
Whom I had lost on Earth.
I was so happy to see all of them again.

I saw a beautiful garden in heaven;
Filled with fruitful trees, plants and flowers.
It had a positive vibe that made my heart and mind at ease.
I saw many buildings where people lived.
They worship God all the time.

It was my dream to go to Heaven.
I got to see many beautiful and breathtaking places.
I got to see the Almighty God and my Jesus.
I am so happy that Jesus held my hand and took me to Heaven.
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