A Lone Wolf's Poetry

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Crossroads of Life

A turning point in life
Alone and vulnerable
Crossroads in front of me
One road leads to happiness
and the other leads to misery.

A choice must be made.

It has the power to

strengthen or destroy me.

Consequences are to be expected.

Face them with courage.

There’s no going back.
Only one road can be chosen,
to lead me towards the finish line.

Everybody has to make a choice in life. To make choices in their career, personality, to succeed or fail in life, etc. A decision must be made wisely because it can affect a person’s entire life.

This short poem is inspired by ‘The Road not taken’. The theme is a decision because if someone wants the easy way out of dilemmas, then he/she will take the path that’s most travelled by. If someone wants success, then he/she will take the path that’s less travelled by.

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