A Lone Wolf's Poetry

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More About You, Lord

Your strength, your power,

And your mighty name stays forever.

Lord, you are my light.

When I seek you, my life becomes bright.

Your strong invisible barrier is

Always around me, Lord!

No, nothing compares to it.

Nothing can make it disappear from my sight.

You make me feel blessed when you are by my side.

You make my heart feel at ease.

Your mercy is infinite; your words are powerful,

And your love is everlasting, Lord!

You make all of my fears disappear like smoke,

I am not afraid of what the future has for me,

I want to be closer and closer to you,

I want to know more about you, Lord!

You are my light, my truth,

My Saviour, my guardian,

My Father and my best friend.

Lord, you are my Everything.

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