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The Tale Of A Fateless Poet

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A collection of fateless poems by a fateless author. All original work, written by myself.

Poetry / Other
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Mortality & Sacrifice

Life just getting in the way.
The quarantining tortures of self confinement.
Everlasting streams of commands.
Commands you are demanded to follow.
A lack of thought and idea.
A hopeless oblivion confining your imagination.
A ray of hope brighter than the brightest star.
Yet a hope that seems lost.
A ray misguided by the lies of eternal villains.
Shadowed untruths, made true by disbelief.
Eternal loss felt by misguided souls.
Misguided souls who knew no better.
Knew not of the pain and abandonment of self sacrifice.
Unaware that by sacrifice they lose more than everything.
They lose what they never had.
They lose the chance to make progression.
And they are forced to realise the universal truth.
The truth that states everything is impermanent.
The life you give to one will eventually fade.
The riches you possess will be stolen.
The happiness you bring to one will be depressed.
And the naivete of the mortal mind will be lost.

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