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Verse on Life

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Life is full of ups and downs, But not that hard as it sounds,, All you need is optimistic thoughts, Some motivation to achieve all your wants. Here is a collection of poem I Wrote,, From my perspective of life which I explored the most. Poems which helps to explore life with so many different thoughts and motivation from my perspective of life ♡ Start reading one !

Poetry / Children
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Every day is a beginning of new journey;
Every day there is a new task before me.
Every day I learn new tips and skills;
Every day I am learning something for my dreams.
There are different problems different fights;
I am becoming able enough to distinguishing what's wrong what's right.
The world around me is expanding so more;
New challenges and struggles waiting before.
Things are developing so am I;
Accepting past and leaving behind.
Every day comprises a story which teaches a lesson;
All these further helps to take correct decisions.
Every day is a beginning of new journey;
Every day makes us become more worthy.
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