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My Poem Collection

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These are poems that I wrote mostly when I was 14. They're about different things from depression to heartache to bad relationships, etc. The ones later on are more recent. I know some of them are cringey and not so good, but they're still important to me. And hopefully, they help someone else who may be struggling.

Poetry / Drama
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Poem 1

Happy Without Happiness:

I can be happy for months at home

I can be happy for months all alone

I can be happy feeling unloved

I can be happy feeling below but looking above

I can be happy with never belonging

I can be happy with pointless longing

I can be happy with a smiling emoji

to hide what feeling is really in me

I can be happy helping others but not being saved

I can be happy with wanting but not being craved

I can be happy with my smile being fake

I can be happy with doing all it could take

I can be happy wishing that was me

I can be happy knowing this is how it’ll be

I can be happy without that perfect shape

I can be happy with music as my escape

I can be happy wishing I made trendy style

I can be happy for a while

I can be happy without being like others my age

I can be happy without the outfit that is all the rage

I can be happy without the things that make me glad

I can be happy wishing to get back everything I had

I can be happy with this much stress

I can be happy without happiness

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