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A group of poems. All written by Asha Mikayla.

Asha Mikayla
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Hidden away

Beyond the darkest black of the basement

Away from prying eyes

Lays a girl

Different from you and me

With deformed leg

Sent away to toil away

In the deepest depths

Earning the family’s fortune

With no knowledge of her existence

Siblings run and jump.

While she toils away

Siblings laugh and play.

While she toils away

Siblings eat and drink.

While she toils away

With no knowledge of her, they enjoy life.

Day by day she toils away.

Then a new family moves in next door.

The new family has a son.

Mixed emotions for the girl’s parents

Will she be found in the deep dark basement-

Or will she remain a secret?

Days and weeks pass

The boy comes and plays with her siblings.

Learning never to go into the basement

One day the boy was house-sitting for her family.

There was a tornado warning.

He had to go into the basement.

Where he saw her working he wondered.

Where did she come from?

What is her name?

How long has she been down here?

Who is she?

The answers came in dew time.

She came from nowhere.

Her name is coral

Her whole life

An unwanted girl

After meaning her he was determined to find her a happy home.

Year after year he looked never finding someone.

Finally, he found the Parkers family.

They adopted her in a heartbeat.

The girl will forever cherish the boy and what he did for her.

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