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Under the Surface

Down deep hidden

never to be seen

the bona fide heart of a mortal

the power they possess

the capability to change, save or kill

once this power is, discovered

your mortal heart will never be the same

for you will now be an immortal

you have overcome something no one has

you will no longer be the you that you once were

you will see the world with new eyes

hear the world with new ears

smell the world with a new noes

the world will not be what you knew

you will see people’s true feelings.

Know real pain, fear, shame, and guilt

this power sounds dangerous and harmful, but it is not

this power allows you to help and save

but if not used, correctly you could kill uncontrollably

neverending death, but this is hard to do

it is hard to kill with your new power

once done you won’t be able to stop

you’ll become the villain

the villain you swore to destroy

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