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Poetry / Mystery
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Most treasured of all.

This friendship so deep

Piercing through our hearts

Or is it just mine?

Confusion lies right in front of me

My ego and self desires clouding

any chance of seeing your pain

Your pain? If you have any!

Why feel this way? Why be this way?

When I can tell you what's been confusing me.

Clouding up this disastourous mind.

My ways are unnormal

Expecting you to know what I mean.

Expecting you to understand.

Expecting you to know where you stand.

Confusion all over

Overthinking the most simplest things.

Maybe that's my problem

Or is it yours?

We live once, say what you want to say.

Oh only if it was that easy to open my mouth and say,

To truly say what I want to say, what I mean.

I mean all the things I've been thinking and composing in this once again disastourous mind.

Is this the way to say I care? Truly care?

Care with no attachments. Care with my heart. See right through you. I see right through you.

These thoughts of having super natural powers. Powers to your heart. A key is what is lost. With that all that was lost would come spirally out.

In the open. There to catch you,


Promising you

I'll be there...

Being there to catch you?

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