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The last note.

Dear whoever is reading this,
I can’t fight anymore
I’ve tried and tried and I’m just tired of waiting for a day
That quite frankly isn’t going to show up
I’m tried of fighting the demons in my head
They keep telling me I have nothing left to live for
But somehow every god damn person I talk to
Tells me to just keep pushing through
Like I haven’t been doing that every fucking night
My days are on repeat
Wake up, drink, sleep
I don’t even eat because I’m so drained form
Walking from my room to the damn kitchen
I have showered in weeks because it takes too much energy
God even my pills have gone down
I have dishes stacked upon dishes on my nightstand
I don’t want to tell anyone I feel this way
Because all they’re going to to is try to find a shrine
Who somehow can shove a pill down my throat
That takes all this pain away
I’m throwing up my liver with all the bourbon I’ve been drinking
At least its isn’t as much calories as beer
I’m not trying to joke around but I sold all my happiness
To this hell of a disease that consumes every ducking inch of your body
Cuts, scars, tears, and your life
My life is next and I know it hard to accept that
Tell all the people that pretend like they care
That I’ll miss them when I’m gone
But when it comes to the point where breathing feels like an exercise
No one can help my feel happinesses
So goodbye to all the people that care
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