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Mama I should’ve said goodbye.

Mama I knew I should’ve said goodbye
But things got bad again for the last time this morning
I cleaned off my dishes on my nightstand for the last time today
I cried for the last time last night
I couldn’t take it this time mama
The pill didn't help me this time mama
I guess you could say my thoughts got the best of me
But we both know that’s not true
Because living in an eternal hell every goddamn day
Makes you want to just end everything
End the pain
End the tears
End the fear of disappointment
Just to end everything mama
I actually tried this time mama
Mama I know you don’t understand
But trust me mama this was the only way out
I hope you will understand one day mama
But just know that I tried
And just know that I loved you mama
Just tell everyone when they ask what happened
That I tried my best mama and tell them that I love them
So I guess this is my goodbye mama
Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye
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