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The aftermath.

I see you down from heaven
I hear your cries of anger too
I hear the โ€œWhy did you do itโ€
I see the hurt youโ€™re going through
And part of me knows this was my fault
The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you
But trust me Iโ€™m happier here I smile now but seeing you
This way makes me regret my selfishness of taking me own pain away
So Iโ€™m sorry but not sorry
It was never your fault but yet
You shed tears because of me
You stack plates upon plates on your nightstand
I see the bottles piling up in the recycling bin
That liquid doesnโ€™t help you know
But trust me youโ€™ll get through this
Because I will be here every step of your recovery
Because Iโ€™m still here

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