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A perfect white wedding.

Her dress is magnificent
Her golden locks put into a perfect braid
Her vail running down her back
Her shiny heels walking down the aisle
Her bright smile when she looks up at him
Her tears rushing down her face as people read their speeches out loud
Her empty seat next to her bridesmaids
Her sadness when she looks at the empty seat and thinks about me
I know I shouldโ€™ve been here in person sister
Iโ€™m sorry that Iโ€™m not but Iโ€™ll hug you before you stand up to dance
Iโ€™ll make sure this day will still be the happiest day of your life
Just because you canโ€™t see me doesnโ€™t mean Iโ€™m not here by your side
Iโ€™m still your bridesmaid
Hell Iโ€™m wearing the pastel pink dress you pick out for us
Her perfect slow dancing with the groom
Her best friend catching the bouquet and then looking at her boyfriend
Her smiles oh those beautiful smiles
Her grooms eyes on no one else but her
Her laughter and joy when she runs to the car and drives out to the airport
Her excitement to finally get to explore Bali with the person she loves the most
Damn it was a perfect white wedding
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