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I see that you’ve finally opened my letter
It’s been a year since I’ve passed
Tears fill your eyes as you read the last words that I’ve wrote to you
No more texts
No more emails
You’ve been playing to voicemail I sent to you ages ago
Like it’s your favorite song
You’ve memorized every single work sister
I never knew that the loss of my presence
Would affect you like this
Sister I promise if I’d even know that it would affect you like this
I wouldn’t have done it
Sister seeing you cry when you have everything you’ve ever wanted hurts me
It’s not your fault it’s the gaping hole I had
for years and years and years
No matter how many pills I took
No matter how many drinks I drank to cope
No matter how many times I tried to go out with friends just to
Feel something
Sister I wanted to feel something because feeling numb for years
Is a whole other hell
So please promise me that you won’t memorize this letter
Please tell me that this letter won’t become your favorite book

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