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Dear sister,

Dear sister I’ll never understand why you did the things you did
But I miss the way you used to laugh at all my jokes
I miss your smile sister
God I wish you were here
So why did you do it
We could’ve helped you get through it
Why didn’t you tell us that you needed help
I get mad sometimes but I know it won’t change anything
It won’t chafe the pain I’ve had to endure
It won’t change the dispair
Of seeing my friends with their sisters
It won’t change how I cry every night wishing you were here
I hope you’re happy up there
But at the same time I hope you wish you were down here
You put me through hell and it is your fault
I know you rough your hardest but I knew you were stronger than that
Stronger than giving up
Stronger than leaving everything behind
Stronger than hurting us
God I wish you were
So yea I’m mad at you
But I have my reasons
But I still love you sis always
Oh and happy 23rd birthday.
Love, Hailey

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