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Hey sis we went through your house and cleared it out
All the memories
All the heartache
I hope you don’t mind that I stole all your clothes
You always used to yell at me for that
But you can’t do that anymore
I found all the papers written with all of your thoughts
I hope you know that I’m going to read every single line
Because that’s all I have left of you
Johnny asked me if we wanted to buy this house
But I don’t want the memories of you crying here
Without me knowing
I don’t want all the ash trays in the cabinets
And I sure as hell don’t want to use the restroom
We found you in
God it like we walked into hell when he opened the door
All the memories flushing in
The memories of when we first got drunk at the dining table
All the times we talked about deep shit at the bar
Ya I don’t want to relive that life
It wasn’t a bad one but I’m trying to change
So I guess this is goodbye
I’m done crying about you
I’m done being hurt about what you did
So this is my closure selling all your shit
Except for your clothes because they still smell like you
I wish I didn’t miss you but I do
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