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Random poems

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A random collection of poems I wrote in my young teens.

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Why is this world such a puzzle.

Missing most of its pieces.

It’s filled with nothing but struggle.

Ruled by liars and demons.

My self esteem has all been extinguished.

My life is almost finished.

As I observe my whole world collapse

My mind is stuck in the past and will never relax.

I’ll release all the anger inside me.

Maybe then I’ll gain some clarity.

Will the hopes I have given up on

Finally reveal themselves after being so long gone.

Give me the strength to rid this rid of pain.

Don’t let this world die in vain.

I’ll shine my light.

Intensely bright.

And maybe give this world some life.

Please let me assemble this puzzle.

Don’t leave the children in pain and struggle.

Until the pieces have gathered.

This world remains fractured.

Even when my hopes have peaked a voice whispers me.

Don’t bother trying this isn’t a child’s story.

This world will soon die.

Why even try.

Despair will soon rain from the sky.

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